A Tale of Three Lipsticks and a Hairdo

Here’s the thing: I just want to be fabulous. Not in a glamorous, glitzy, glittery sense, but rather the chic, put-together, “I must say I love your look today” way. I am lucky to have a group of fashionable ladies as friends so it’s easy to draw inspiration and tips on how to create such looks. Of course it’s not enough to simply copy and paste these onto myself so I like to add my own twist. How would I describe my style or what I would like it to be? I’ll save that for another post when I have a good outfit on.

L to R: NYX Matte "Sweet Pink," Rimmel "Bordeaux," L'Oreal "Wisteria Rose"

L to R: NYX Matte “Sweet Pink,” Rimmel “Bordeaux,” L’Oreal “Wisteria Rose”

For this post, I’ll first focus on a dereliction I’ve recently acquired: lipstick. For most of my girlish life, my makeup largely stuck to eyeliner, mascara and foundation only because I have too many marks to go out without. Lipstick and blush were just too…much, too bold and tacky, especially on my mousy face. I thought of harsh reds or Barbie pinks. The ONLY time I would go near these things was during dance performances when I was forced to smear dreadful fire-engine red on my lips and pile pink on my whited-out cheeks so every last audience member in the last row could see me. Later on, as I was increasingly exposed to more tasteful applications, I began to get more interested in how to use them on myself. Blush color isn’t too much of an issue because I stick to subtlety so it’s light swipes of peach and pink for me. Lipstick, however, is a struggle. They’re either too bright, didn’t go with my skintone and worst of all, made me look like I had a mustache coming in (eek). Then a miracle appeared when a friend left her red lipstick at my apartment and everyone had a go at it. L’Oreal Infallible lipstick in Beyonce Red. A red that finally popped and complimented my skin and made me feel vibrant, unstoppable whenever I wore it out. Now with all this free time on my lap and seeing that it’s autumn (mine and every girl’s favorite style season), I decided to pick up the search for more colors that give me the same joy. Thanks to shameless hours of YouTube tutorials and online reviews I learned which shades and products work best with my face. Undertones–that’s a fancy new word I found out I need to look for, both in my skin (warm to neutral) and lipstick (I’m supposed to avoid blueish?). Obviously I couldn’t wait to start my collection so I got my hands on some lip candy as soon as I composed a list of fail-proof colors produced by my tireless research. Unfortunately, Wisteria Rose didn’t work out but I LOVE the other two and can’t wait to find an excuse to wear these babies out. I believe in looking good to feel good and a swipe of lipstick can instantly lift my spirits.

Pin strands from both sides of the crown, pull over an elastic headband, and tuck the lower strands into the band all the way around. Voila!

Pin strands from both sides of the crown, pull over an elastic headband, and tuck the lower strands into the band all the way around. Voila!

Now on to hair. This one’s a much shorter story, I promise. Basically, long hair got old so I chopped off about 6 inches a few months ago. People have actually told me it looks more “me” than before (hopefully that’s a good thing). Perhaps non-intuitively, I’ve become more excited about trying new hairstyles– but that seems easier said than done. Thankfully, I came across a YouTube tutorial (yet again) on a ‘do that even I can do. It looks better in person but I will definitely wear this again the next chance I get–and it works with my lipstick! Too bad I was only trying everything out so this look had to stay home. Shame. Oh well, on my way to my fabulous.

(Note: pictures were taken at two different times with different lighting–I’m not trying to fake my skin color mkay?).


7,000 Reasons Your Uniqueness May Be Plagiarism

I didn’t expect to read what I did based on the title, but WOW did this hit the most comforting spot. A perfect first post to read while making my own blog. Lesson: Stop worrying about if someone’s a better “you” than you because no one’s giving a prize.

Lark & Bloom


I live in America where there is a continual conversation about one’s individuality. We love to take tests to see what our strengths and skills are. Shelves are full of books to help us discover our unique composition and  how to capitalize on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for self-awareness. According to Myers Briggs I am an ENTP, which pretty much nails me. Knowing who we are is essential to understanding what we were made to do and how we were made to do it, but it is also where the problem comes in.

What is the problem?

I think we are each put on this earth to accomplish a certain task. You can call it what you want – destiny, mission or calling. I believe that our being here serves a purpose and that we are each divinely made to see that accomplished. My own belief…

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Day One: The Day of the Doctor

Fourth’s scarf? Check. TARDIS? Check. Commence The Day of The Doctor!

What better way to start off a blog than on The Day of The Doctor? I am just a little too excited. I can’t remember which episode it was, which Doctor, or even what time of the day (morning, probably) I got my first glimpse of the Doctor. But it was something…different. Different in a weird, nonsensical, kooky way that could only work because it was British. I was lying on the couch at a relative’s house in England, waking up from passing out after a late night viewing of Fanaa (another favorite). There was a disgusting, poorly-CGI’d monster terrorizing London with a madman running around who was apparently humanity’s only hope. I couldn’t not watch. Fortunately I rediscovered the Doctor on BBC America sometime after coming back to the States, and the obsession spread like E.coli. David Tennant’s fault really. He was (and utterly still is) impossibly adorable in a squirrely, fast-talking, floppy-haired, bright-eyed but ingenious way with a brilliant smirk in a blue suit and camel trench coat. The “Doomsday” episode when Tenth and Rose –by far the best companion–said their final goodbye ripped. me. apart. Took days to recover. Then the new Eleventh doctor came around and I couldn’t imagine watching the series with anyone but my beloved Tenth. I tried giving Matt Smith a shot but it couldn’t be done. So I stopped keeping up with the show for the better part of three years, besides re-watching older episodes and stalking any behind-the-scenes, trivia tidbits and clips with Tenth.

And now it is here: the 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who series. Now, I have a thing for tradition. I have an ingrained appreciation and respect for things that have a history of more than 15 years–a fashion house with origins in the 1800s, a restaurant that has been around since Prohibition, etc. etc. So this was right up my alley. On top of that, the Doctor has been through a sequence of regenerations to keep the series going, a cast of characters all playing the same role but each in its unique style–more tradition to sift through. I have a little love for each of them because of their role in perpetuating history. What was each Doctor like? What did he bring to the character? Obviously Tennant’s Tenth is the all-time favorite incarnation. Seeing him again in the special along with Rose and the new War Doctor has made the momentous event only 100x squealworthy. Every time I see the trailer for the special I get goosebumps, seeing all of the Doctor’s and how it winds down to…The Day of the Doctor

I may not have seen every episode or know every single detail from the show, or go to ComicCon for it, but don’t mistake my love for the Doctor. Like many fans, there’s always a flicker in my mind that imagines and yearns to hear the wheezing of the TARDIS, hoping it will be for me.

UPDATE: It was good. Maybe didn’t meet my sky-high expectations, but I am pleasantly content and smiling dreamily. Over-the-top, a little too dramatic at times, and some obvious nods to the past–at the end of the day, I loved it all ❤ I wouldn’t describe my first impressions as awed but I did choke up at times and, looking back, I find myself going “Remember that part where…?”. I absolutely loved the integration of previous doctors by showing that they have each and all been a part of a singular journey. It’s kind of like some face foundations: seems a little off at first but eventually settles in just right.