{Untitled Dream}

She sat in between Orange’s legs in the grassy field and laid back against his chest as his arms wrapped around her. Blue witnessed¬†all of this from the stands with a mix of anger and sadness.

“We’re just very comfortable with each other,” she told Blue when she saw his discontent and went to meet him. Her embrace around his neck was met with a steely gaze straight past her. “We’ve known each other for ages, that’s all.”

That was the truth. The truth was also that she was not sure about the boundary of their friendship herself. They shared secrets whose breaths were never uttered to anyone else’s ears. They constantly teased and cajoled each other, played along the pond for hours.Their bodies latched on to each other whenever a stone throw’s apart.

“I love you,” she tried comforting Blue.

That was another truth. Her friendship with Blue started in later in life when they went to the same school, and quickly blossomed into romance. He was the somber and gentle stone that grounded her effervescent personality. The full and absolute opposite to Orange whose energy only multiplied hers.

“Come with me,” Orange offered suddenly with eager, pleading eyes. “We’ll go all over the orange lands, to the farthest reaches together.” She struggled to formulate an answer in her mind. Of course a journey together would be exciting and merry. But something held her back from jumping to “yes.” Blue made a similar offer to travel along the blue lands, which she accepted. But something had held her back from that decision, too. After a few seconds of wading through her thoughts, she accepted Orange’s offer to her own surprise. There was no plan as to how she would accompany both men, but she couldn’t come to reject either of them.

It was then she realized she did not want to be tied down to one journey with one man, but to journey on her own across both the blue and orange lands. As soon as their backs were turned she bolted away, charging in her kimono to escape.

Months, years later, Blue and Orange thought back to her, where she must be and what she has been doing. She was teaching literacy and math to young children in the villages. They both knew she was destined to travel alone, even if she did love each man.

“I hope she’s happy.”

“She is.”

*I am poor in fully and properly illustrating what’s in my head, but this was an actual dream I had last night–which is why it’s so random–narrated to the best of my (current) ability. May be expanded later.*