One More

9:46 AM

I woke up thinking it was Wednesday. Which would have been nice because that meant I (hopefully) turned in my assignment due before midnight the night before; because it would be one day closer to Friday and then Saturday and Smourgousbourg and maybe going out and caring less about the assignments I had coming up.

But I’m glad that it’s “only” Tuesday*. Because that means one more day where the week isn’t almost over.

One more day I’m in New York

One more day I’m in America before I ship out for 6 months

One more day where the only thing I have to worry aboutĀ isĀ the next assignment

One more day when it’s still April and not May *already*

One more day I am 24 and not 25

One more 24 hours with things to do

One more 24 hours where I am surrounded by mostly brilliant and good people, even if I don’t know them at all

One more 24 hours, any one of which could bring a new memory… or not

One more day where it’s not tomorrow yet

I’m not as carpe diem as I would like to be, but as I get older and pull out a memory, I calculate how long ago I was: in college, or had my sweet 16 or used to take dance; the numbers get bigger and bigger. It makes me sad when I realize I have been taking the in-between days for granted.


*written several Tuesdays ago