Travel Log

First Impressions

Current mood: dazed, dizzy, and utterly dope. As much as I'd like to take credit, this is actually a baby picture of one of my cousins in Dhaka.

Current mood. As much as I’d like to take credit, this is actually a baby picture of my cousin, Rimo,  in Dhaka.

Basically my mood since I’ve first arrived: dazed, dizzy and postively dope. Collecting my initial thoughts, here are a couple yays and nays:

Nay: heat that cooks you from the inside and leaves you dripping sweat, more suitable for rotisserie chicken

Yay: apparently that climate also makes this mishtimaash– literally “sweet month” due to the mass ripening of fruits such as guava, jack fruit, lychee, and most importantly MANGOES

Nay: the kind of pushiness hospitality that urges you to take more food while your mouth is full

Yay: food so good you’ll be taking seconds and thirds (fourths, no judgement) on your own

All in all, I still don’t believe that I’m really here right now. I walk the streets and witness my surroundings, not fully comprehending that this is essentially my home for the next 3 months; subconsiously registering everything as more temporary than it really is. As the jet lag wears off and I form a routine with work, I’m sure the surrealness of my situation will wear off. Until then, see: above face.

* A little background on what I’m doing in Bangladesh in the first place: I will be spending 3 months working with BRAC, one of the world’s largest NGOs and national powerhouse, in their Institute of Education Development on a project working to incorporate play-based learning for young children through the Early Childhood Development department.