Today’s Cliche, A Humble Reminder

In today’s installment of cliches that applicably hit in an epiphany-like fashion and remind you why they exist: If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. 

In this case, it’s about my lack of direction as far as “passions” I want to mold my life’s work around. Furthermore, it’s about my jumping the gun in posting about articles that catch my eye and punch me with rage or joy before getting the full story, AKA being a “basic bitch.” Sigh, it happens with such intensity that it feels it MUST be right, that my feelings and immediate opinions are justified and everyone else on my feed simply NEEDS to know.

One humbling experience happened today when I saw a post a friend was tagged in about my school defunding the family practice department while Harvard just opened a center dedicated to it. Based on my very recent and limited experience, this is a hot issue as there seems to be a disconnect between how much primary care docs/centers are needed and how little attention is given to them in favor of higher-paid specialists. Anyway, this revved me up and I proceeded to post the article both on the group page for my public health class AND as my status (because, you know, there would be people left out if I just picked one…) with a quip about how capitalism should push my school to take Harvard’s lead via competition/rivalrly/etc. I thought it was timely, appropriate to my field of study, and generally showed awareness outside my individual universe AKA a “basic bitch” rationale for posting anything remotely political or humanitarian. Mind you, I am genuinely frustrated (my go-to emotion) about the issue, but I’ll be honest about my slightly ulterior motives.

A member on the class page then replied with a knowledgeable mini op-ed about the complex state of primary care and that capitalism had no role in what’s going on at Harvard– basically a wealthy dude doing it for his own reasons–that it’s not a matter of the tired and overlysimplified argument that there need to be doctors, and went into detail about task-shifting to other practitioners…he explains it much better. He didn’t outright put me down, he didn’t fully agree with me, but he did school me. He clearly had more awareness and insight into the issue than I did, and I thanked him for it. Maybe no one else sees it this dramatically, or maybe my sentiment is spot on, but it did act as a quick reminder.

I can get passionate about things, but I am still struggling to find my passion.


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